Viato is a unique real estate investment company

Located in Saskatchewan, Canada we are community and client driven. We strive to create a perfect pairing between an investor and a great real estate investment opportunity. We provide people with creative solutions to generate wealth tailored to the individual. Through due diligence and client consultation we provide a win win for all involved.

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We help people achieve their goals in creating alternative sources of income through real estate


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Our experienced power team is diverse and resourceful in finding you the most profitable solution.
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Our Team

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Carter Bernath

Carter is an architectural technologist for Design Two Group, a high end residential design firm in Edmonton, Alberta. Previously, Carter has won best custom home design presented by the Regina Regional Home Builders Association two years in a row!

He has a passion for design, travel and volunteering. With 19 countries under his belt and a goal of 30 countries by the time he's 30. There’s always a trip planned around the corner. 

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Gina Cherney

Gina was born in Regina first-generation Italian and raised by two hard-working  parents. The last decade of her life professionally has been within the finance industry mostly focused in residential mortgage lending. Her working passion lies in people, real estate and empowerment by connecting the two. On the lifestyle side of things Gina enjoys challenging the growth of her inner fit girl and home chef skills.

“Viato” means traveller in Latin and this hunger for lifelong introductions of new culture and global experiences is one she shares with her partners.

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Keaton Wlaz

Keaton grew up in the small farming community of Carrot River, Saskatchewan. He attended college in Alberta and shortly after returned back to Saskatchewan working for various law enforcement agencies. Keaton currently works as a police officer.

Throughout the past 3 years Keaton has indulged into the world of real estate through multiple investing strategies and education. He is a firm believer in continuous learning through various platforms and by taking action. Keaton is an avid traveller with plans to continue experiencing different parts of the world.


Our Affiliates

We have committed over 100K in real estate investing education.