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What you need to know

We provide solutions that allow everyone to succeed in their homeownership or investing goals. Our system works for investors, property owners and future buyers. This is a mutually beneficial scenario for any person that falls within guidelines

Rent to own simply means that you rent a home with an option to purchase it within an agreed predetermined period of time. The deal includes a “lease agreement with option to purchase”.

Rent to own, lease to own, lease option, rent to buy or lease purchase are all common names for this type of deal.

There are numerous advantages of rent to own homes for future buyers, tired landlords and sellers



  • Participate without your full down payment as the term allows you to accumulate the required amount needed to purchase through a portion of credits in monthly rent payment
  • Low closing costs (Purchase at the end of the term is done privately without listing and realtor fees)
  • Sufficient time to repair bruised credit or build a credit history
  • A guaranteed set sale price regardless if the market value is higher at the end of the lease term
  • No rent increases
  • You get to live in the house before you buy it and treat it as your home

Investor / Seller

  • Guaranteed future sale price using average market appreciation in your area
  • Low closing costs (seller doesn’t have to give up part of purchase price to realtor commission fees)
  • Tenant buyer treats the house like it’s their own because they will purchase at the end of the term
  • Tenant buyer takes care of minor property repairs
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