40% of renters are saving to purchase a home


What is rent to own?

A creative option for a tenant to enter into a term agreement with an option to purchase.


How does it work?

The tenant buyer pays monthly rent plus additional payments towards their required down payment. Viato will provide ongoing support to help you build, strengthen or repair credit to qualify.

A tenant buyer is pre-qualified by our mortgage broker to confirm their price range and ensure they can support the mortgage payments. Our investors hold the mortgage and own the property for the length of the term.



What's in it for you?

We facilitate viable rent to own options for pre qualified tenant buyers.
Typically these are buyers that can not quite qualify at the time, to purchase a home. We offer a contractual agreement where the tenant buyer provides a down payment
and is given a period of 1 - 4 years to build credit and/or down payment.

The tenant buyer pays monthly rent plus additional payments towards their initial deposit / down payment. At the end of the term the tenant buy purchases the home, the investor is paid out.

We work with tenant buyers on a consistent basis throughout the term to ensure consistent productivity.


Who is it for?



New to Canada - Have you recently moved to Canada? Wanting to plant your roots but have no credit history to qualify for a mortgage? We help you get into the home of your choice NOW while building your credit so that you can OWN it.

Poor Credit - Have you received some bad credit advice or not fully understand how to manage your credit profile? Life happens, and maybe your credit score has suffered. It’s okay, we have a program to help you improve and stabilize your debt to help you get into a home.

Recently Divorced - Has your life changed recently - Looking to find an affordable solution for your new path? We will help you move forward comfortably.

Renters -  Are you really getting tired of throwing your money away on rent? Do you want to buy but don’t know to get started? We have solutions for you.

Self-Employed - Are you or your partner self-employed and finding it hard to get financing for a home? We have solutions to help you.

Tenant Buyers -  Are you really getting tired of throwing your money away on rent but uncertain if you could get into a traditional mortgage? Do you dream of being a homeowner but have some blemished credit? We have solutions for you.

Homeowners - Are you having trouble selling your house? Not getting offers for the price you want? Facing foreclosure? We can help. Let us show you how.


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